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Note from our Director - Dr Natasha Emin

As Director of LifetrainUK  I would like to welcome you to our website. As a professional qualified youth and community worker, author and life coach, over two decades experience of working with practitioners and young people from a wide variety of backgrounds.  LifetrainUK recognises that true development is only achieved through involvement.  Our training is practical and participation based.  We create a high energy and stimulating environment with the emphasis on having fun whilst learning new skills.  

To achieve this we can offer a number of tailor made training courses that fit specific requirements.These are designed in consultation with you to enable the best outcome for you and your staff.  

This website details our most popular courses but please do not hesitate to contact me directly to discuss your training requirements 

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LifetrainUK is different 

Welcome to our website at LifetrainUK, we offer a wide range of different courses and workshops designed to suit your individual training needs.  

LifetrainUK enables people to learn in action and use those skills to benefit themselves and young people they work with. Our Trainers spend a substantial amount of time working with young people. This enables us to keep our courses fresh, relevant and practically based. 

LifetrainUK is also able to offer accreditation through the AQA Scheme.

LifetrainUK Staff have all been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service

The Youth Coach is a book built on the foundation of many years of experience of working amongst, with and for hundreds of young people, from a plethora of backgrounds, not a few of which had been given up on by the usual resorts of training and education.

The book offers a range of approaches and responses that have proven worth in terms of young people finding those resources within themselves to identify what they want to be, who they are from from there make happen the things they want they want for themselves and others.  

Subjects explored include

Understanding and Working with Self-harm - Advocacy - Working with Lesbian and Gay Young People - Dealing with and Understand Alcohol Use - Using Neuro-Linguistic programming.  

These areas are analysed in language that is accessible to those working with young people at all levels but they are also presented in a way that is user friendly to contemporary teenagers, using straightforward exercises that have been designed to motivate and support reflection and plan future action.

"Overall, The Youth Coach is an indispensable friend and a 'pocket mentor' to anyone engaged in the 'growth enterprise' that working with young people is. It provides keys and clues, metaphoric maps and true 'food for thought' but in the end it works to generate hope in a context where this, perhaps humanity's greatest asset, is becoming increasingly rare." 

Dr Brian Belton .