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What We Offer

Welcome to our website

At LifetrainUK, we offer a wide range of different courses and  workshops designed to

suit your individual training needs.  LifetrainUK enables  people to learn in action and 

use  those skills to benefit themselves and young  people they work with.  These  are 

designed in consultation with you to enable the best outcome for you  and  your staff. 

This website details our most popular courses but please do not hesitate to  contact  us 

directly to discuss your training requirements. 


LifetrainUK is different..

Our Trainers spend a substantial amount of time working with young people.  This enables us to keep our courses fresh, relevant and  practically  based. LifetrainUK is also able to offer accreditation through the  AQA Unit Award Scheme.

LifetrainUK Staff have all been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service



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