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Licenced Solution Careers Coaching Practitioner Award

“There is not one approach that works 100% of the time, by developing the Solution Careers Coaching Model we are expanding our chances to impact more lives” Dr.Natasha Emin

The role of career guidance in our rapidly-changing economy and labour market has never been more important. The aim of this course is to provide practitioners with opportunities to develop the relevant skills, knowledge and experience needed for offering a unique combination of Career Guidance, Solution Focused and results Coaching.

This plethora of approaches not only insures that the client gains useful careers advice but provides them with the tools to motivate them to take action and to create the change that they want that is obtainable and sustainable.


Course Content:

The theory and practice of career guidance is central to the course, and you will have the opportunity to develop your interpersonal and professional skills

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Results Coaching and Solution Focused Approches

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This course will provide a thorough introduction to the principles and practices of Solution Focused /Results Coaching Approaches

A full set of adaptable skills that will enhance the Careers intervention

The course will be sufficiently practical for each participant to be able to begin using Solution Focused skills /Results Coaching when implementing a Careers Interview 

More front-line professionals are using Solution Focus/Results Coaching as the approach of choice than any other model. Its strength-base and future-focus make it ideal for situations requiring rapid engagement and cooperation.

By concentrating on a preferred future rather than a regretted past and by focusing on resources rather than deficits.


Solution Focused/ Results Coaching approach has proved as effective as any other model and is especially useful where clients are in great difficulty and who urgently need to find a way forward.


This course is unique…………………
Solution Careers Coaching is a model of working with clients has been designed and developed by Dr Natasha Emin Director of LifetrainUK
It focuses on the core principles of the guidance model and then uses cutting edge Coaching and Solution Focused technologies that builds practice to ensure lasting results to motivate and create lasting change.

Guidance Topics: 

  • Impact of values and beliefs on guidance
  • Anti Oppressive Practice
  • Interviewing
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Physiology
  • Active Listening
  • Guidance Interview Skills Checklist
  • Interviewing Model
  • Stages in an Interview
  • Guidance Interviewing to show contracting
  • Starting the Interview - Agenda Setting
  • Models of Guidance
  • Egan’s model of helping
  • Bedford’s FIRST model of guidance
  • If I were a client
  • Listening to your own feelings and emotions
  • Core messages
  • Johari’s Window
  • Three Stages of Guidance

The following elements covered are 

  • An overview of Solution Focused Results Coaching approch
  • Creating motivation
  • Detailing the preferred future
  • Eliciting competence and resource
  • Highlighting progress
  • Putting it all together 

Licenses Solution Careers Coaching Practitioner Award

This four day programme provides sufficient opportunity to embed Careers/Solution Focused and Results Coaching . We guarantee that practitioners will be able to conduct a Solution Careers Coaching interview to a component standard.Each practitioner will be given a detailed, practical Manual supporting the course

It’s Amazing Value!!!!!!!!!!

The four day programme/ accreditation with resources and access to our ongoing telephone support is only £280 per participant.

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