What is Xcelerate?

Our Xcelerate programme offers a flexible approach in delivering self development/careers and workforce readiness training for young people aged 8-19. The programme is versatile in order to be delivered by professionals working with young people in a wide variety of settings. It offers accreditation through the AQA scheme.
Our approach to trainer training is about enlivening, inspiring and motivating the people who work with us, giving them usable packaging to ensure that Xcelerate is a really fun and engaging programme not only for the young people but for the trainer delivering it.

The Complete Train the Trainer Programme

We also offer a train the trainer for organisations who wish to use our recourses directly. 


How is Xcelerate Delivered?

The Practitioner's attend a three day Training the Trainer programme that will equipped you to deliver the course in a wide variety of settings including, schools, one to one interventions.

By the completion of the programme the trainer is well prepared and able to handle whatever happens in the training room with panache, flair and professionalism

On completion of the training you should be able to:

Explain the training cycle and the three areas to consider when carrying out a Training Needs Analysis

    Explore Kolb’s four stages of learning
    Analyse your preferred learning style
    List the different methods by which people learn
    Specify methods to ensure all VAK learning styles are considered
    List the skills and qualities of an effective trainer
    Identify the factors which affect learning
    Clarify the terms ‘aims’ and ‘objectives’ when planning training
    List the advantages of using visual aids in a training session
    Select the appropriate method when planning training
    Specify the different types of evidence used to assess learning
    Plan, design how you would deliver a training session using the programme.

                             Give and receive constructive feedback

      Use constructive feedback to action plan the transfer of skills and knowledge into the programme.