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Informal Education underpins therapeutic response at LifetrainUK we recognise that young people need to build resilience and a range of life-skills that will promote independence at 18. Within the therapeutic response the Youth Work Curriculum underpins interventions. It focuses on 5 core curriculum areas. They cover the major issues that young people face in their transition from childhood to adulthood.

Participation and inclusion.

Creativity and challenge

Equality and diversity.

Health and wellbeing.

Personal and social development.


We use an assortment of approaches

including drama, music, outdoor education,

teambuilding exercises and art. Using these

methods has proved invaluable in reactivating young

people who have switched off from the formal

learning environment.


The Residential Experience Project

This is our intensive high impact residential programme specifically aimed at school leavers. The residential experience is designed to enable young people to take responsibility for their lives and explore what is stopping them from making progress.

The programme includes:

Careers Guidance workshops Outdoor educational challenges Teambuilding

Job Interview Skills workshops Breaking through barriers Life coaching

On Target - working in partnership with schools

On Target is designed to stimulate, challenge, remove obstacles, deal with conflict and create effective communication.

The programme includes:

Motivational Workshops

Conflict Resolution Time and target setting Concentration exercises Breaking through barriers

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