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Youth Work Practitioner Training/Self Management 


Strong foundation training is the cornerstone for every organisation.

The Foundation Practitioner Course can be tailor-made to suit individual curriculum based training needs. The training will benefit anyone working with young people and is especially relevant for part time youth work staff and voluntary organisations.

Course Aims

To develop an understanding of what curriculum based youth work is about - To effectively plan, deliver and evaluate successful curriculum based youth work. - To offer training around a variety of areas including working with groups, one to one work and equal opportunities.

Course Duration

Over six months you need to commit to:

  • One day per month strategy training.
  • Three hours per month portfolio building.
  • Six hours per month face to face delivery with young people.
  • One hour of personal tutorial time.

Course Content

Session One

  • Introduction to the course
  • Developing successful rapport and motivational techniques when working with young people.

Session Two

  • Feedback from practice intervention.
  • NLP: A practical guide to use NLP techniques when undertaking work with young people.

Session Three

  • Feedback from practice intervention
  • Developing useful one to one and group work strategies that can be used when interacting with young people.

Session Four

  • Feedback from practice intervention
  • Life Coaching: defining what life coaching is and developing practical techniques when undertaking work with young people.

Session Five

  • Feedback from practice intervention
  • Conflict Resolution. A practical session covering assertiveness skills and confronting conflict.

Session Six

  • Feedback from practice intervention
  • Evaluation and portfolio compiling.
  • Thirty motivational techniques that can be used when working with young people.

Managing Multiple Priorities 


As there now seems to be a culture of large case-loads for many practitioners who work with young people, it is necessary for professionals to manage their priorities successfully for the benefit of their clients and for their own well-being. The course gives practical skills and techniques for managing multiple priorities and is particularly relevant for anyone who has ever felt 'snowed under'.


Course Content

The course covers a large variety of areas relevant to practitioners who manage multiple priorities in their work including: the role of the practitioner when managing multiple priorities focusing on case-load management, setting boundaries and time management.

• Assessing young people

• Moving young people forward

• Practitioner skills

• Evaluation process

Course Duration : 2 Days 


Successful Event Management


The course will enable participants to develop an innovative and multi-skilled approach to planning and co-ordinating events. It will also enable them to appreciate the value and importance of efficient planning to maximise the learning experience for young people.

Course Aim

The course will enable practitioners to develop a framework for successful event planning.

To provide tools and techniques in areas such as Event Management Planning, Events, Marketing Events, Risk Assessment, Organising Conferences, and Presentation Skills.


NLP Practitioner

Course Outcomes

Becoming skilled in NLP will enable you to:

  • Gain 'instant confidence' and motivation in a wide variety of situations.
  • Access your unconscious learning ability at will.
  • Use language with greater precision and elegance.
  • Change unwanted behaviours in yourself and others.
  • Remove unnecessary fears and phobias.
  • Discover your true potential.
  • Develop persuasion techniques that will benefit you in your professional environment.

This is not a theoretical course, it is a practical, action-packed, hands-on learning experience where you learn by doing and discussing rather than sitting and listening. We aim to make all of our training the most thorough - and the most enjoyable - that is available, anywhere!


Course Duration : 2 Days 

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